NZMA, New Zealand Medical Association, Dunedin
South GP CME 2020 | 13-16 August | Horncastle Arena | Christchurch

Horncastle Arena | Christchurch

The 9th annual South GP CME meeting will be held, in conjunction with the NZMA, at the Horncastle Arena, Christchurch | 13-16 August 2020.

Horncastle Arena is located in Christchurch's newest business hub, Addington an easy 15 minute drive from the airport. Built in 1998, the Arena is one of the New Zealand's largest purpose-built indoor sporting and entertainment venues. When it is not playing host to sporting teams or world-renowned artists, it is used to host exhibitions, meetings, trade shows and gala dinners.

Horncastle Arena has a maximum seating capacity of almost 9000 and can be configured to provide comfortable seating options with superb views for any number of events. There is 4000 square metres of flat floor space and additional space available in Back-of-House and within the concourse areas.

The size and versatility of this facility means it is the only South Island venue that can consistently host and deliver outstanding gala dinner experiences for up to 2500 guests.

The 4000 square meters of exhibition space can be further extended by using the concourse area. Marquees can also be added to each side of the venue for those occasions when further space is required.

Access is key for large entertainment rigs and exhibition requirements and with ample height clearance and loading room it means that Horncastle Arena is easy and straight-forward for loading and unloading. 3000 on-site car parks further complement ease of access into the venue for your guests and visitors..

Getting There

Christchurch is a very accessible city. If you arrive in the city and do not have a vehicle, buses and taxis are plentiful and reliable. Getting around the city itself is relatively easy, as distances are not great. Independent transport options include public bus, rental car or taxi.

The major rental car companies are located within Christchurch city and at the Christchurch airport terminal.
If you arrive by air and have not arranged a rental vehicle, taxi companies operate cars and airport shuttles into the city. 

Tour companies will help you to experience the city - without you having to organise everything yourself.

Instructions: Use the + and - tool on the map to zoom in and out.  To move the map around drag your mouse the direction you would like to go.

Christchurch Airport 
Christchurch has daily direct air service links with Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin. 

Transport from Airport to City
Christchurch International Airport serves as a gateway to the wider Otago region.

The airport is located approx 15-20mins from central Christchurch. 

Options are:

Various taxi companies are available for all flights. 

Travel time: 20 30 minutes to the city centre
Cost: $60 - $90. Prices may vary by each taxi company.

Preferred suppliers at Christchurch International Airport are:

* Corporate Cabs - - free phone 0800 789 789 

A door-to-door service is available, from various companies, to all parts within Christchurch.

Travel time: 45 minutes to the city centre
Cost: $20 - $30 per person. Cost reduces for two or more passengers travelling together.

Options include:
Supershuttle - - 0800 SHUTTLE