Dr David Beaumont
David is an occupational medicine specialist with a background of 12 years in general practice in the UK and NZ, undergoing specialist training from 2000. David holds Membership of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of London (MFOM) and Fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. He is Chair of the Faculty Policy and Advocacy Committee and lead for the Faculty project on the Health Benefits of Work. 

David has experience in a wide variety of occupational settings, from heavy industry to public sector in both the UK and New Zealand. As Medical Director of Fit For Work Ltd he provides a comprehensive range of specialist assessments in clinics throughout New Zealand. His company Pathways to Work Ltd provides rehabilitation solutions for complex cases.


Medical Certification – The Issues - Concurrent Workshop Repeated
Saturday, 30 July 2011 Start 11:00am Duration: 55mins Massetti Room
Start 12:05pm Duration: 55mins Massetti Room

Medical Certification for work can be fraught with problems for GPs. There are potential conflicts with the doctor/patient relationship and the advocacy role perceived by some as a negative influence in rehabilitation. International consensus identifies that helping people back to work is beneficial for their health, but evidence suggests GPs don’t consider this to be their role. What is the situation in New Zealand? As consideration is given to a UK-style ‘Fit Note’ how do we understand the issues, and what should we do about them?