Dr David Bratt

Dr David Bratt is first and foremost a General Practitioner who spent 30 years in front-line general practice enjoying the delivery of individual face-to-face health services. In 2002 a new opportunity presented itself to improve patients’ access to specialist secondary services and close the gap in the primary/secondary interface with his appointment to the new position of GP Liaison and Primary Care Advisor to Capital and Coast DHB. This exposure to a large multilayered organisation required a whole new set of skills and an understanding of the relatively slow pace of change possible compared to a typical small business general practice. A further leap into the unknown occurred in 2007 with his appointment to the new position of Principal Health Advisor to the Ministry of Social Development. This is General Practice at a systems level – working with a population around the wider social determinants of health – employment, income, housing, education, and access to health services. In this position he had to opportunity to work on collecting together the substantial body of evidence on the health benefits of work, and the significant adverse health outcomes of worklessness.


Shifting Your Primary Focus to Health and Capacity - a New Paradigm
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Saturday, 22 June 2013 Start 2:00pm Duration: 55mins Monet
Start 3:05pm Duration: 55mins Monet

 Believe it or not it is not that many years ago that doctors were encouraging their patients to smoke. Smoking was thought to be not only useful for relaxation but also for respiratory conditions. How times have changed in the light of evidence. Just as destructive of a person’s health as smoking is unemployment or worklessness. What is more distressing is this is also often introduced and perpetuated by doctors. This workshop looks at the evidence and practice to support the imperative for GPs to refocus away from illness, disease, disability and incapacity and towards health, ability and capacity. Currently 330,000 (1 in 8) working age New Zealanders depend on a benefit for income, as do 1 in 5 New Zealand children. The adverse effect of this on their health is very well documented. The Government is moving to reform the welfare system to have a more pro-active approach. What is the role of the GP in the reforms? This workshop explores this and ways you can better manage this significant social and health issue in your practice. It is about making doing the right thing, the easy thing to do.