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South GP CME 2020 | 13-16 August 2020 | Christchurch

Dear Delegates

Thank you for attending this year's South GP CME meeting at the Horncastle Arena, Christchurch.

We hope you find the content of the meeting, both relevant and educational.

The presentations will be provided to help further the educational value of the meeting. With the knowledge that you have a copy of the majority of speakers' presentations, you can concentrate on the content of the sessions and only take additional notes to supplement the main presentation detail.

We also hope you enjoy the weekend in Christchurch, and find time to catch up with colleagues, meet new ones and relax and unwind from the pressures of daily clinic work.

Thanks Leon Olsen
Conference Matters

The New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA), Quality Seminar Management (QSM) and Conference Matters (CM) do not necessarily endorse the views expressed or recommendations for use of any product, commodity, or service mentioned. The opinions and conclusions expressed in the papers are those of the authors and not necessarily those of NZMA, QSM or CM.

The content of the presentations is intended to be used in advancing knowledge and education for delegates attending this year's meeting.

The contents are not to be re-produced in any form without the express permission of the authors.